★ "What's your Superpower?" ★

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Book, Music and Artwork © ™ 2014 by David Mann Illustrations by Bryan Lawson

“What’s your superpower?”™


SYNOPSIS: Silicon Valley high school’s hall monitors are getting beat up after school for putting the bullies in detention. With the help of the computer club geeks, they form a secret society of “Superhero Hall Monitors!” Disguised as their favorite colorful superheroes Owl Man, sidekick Raven, Prince Whimsy and Tsunami, they roam the halls anonymously, finding their inner superpowers to protect students from evil and the tardy!


I have written the book and music for a fantastical new show about bullying and finding your inner superpower, called “Superheroes: The Musical.” My last musical in 2006 was “
Alienated: The Musical.

Getting the musical to the stage involves 3 phases:
Phase 1) Composition: Reading workshop to revise a rough draft of the book and music.
Phase 2) Production: Create demo song recordings and written instrumental score.
Phase 3) Staging: Promote a live stage show to investors and theaters and cast album.

After the book reading on Nov 12, 2017, revisions should be completed by the end of the year, which means that Phase 2 production can begin in Jan 2018. Unfortunately, I need funds to finish the instrumental score and record the new demo album and written orchestration that will inspire investors and theatrical companies in Phase 3. I recorded my last show “
Alienated: The Musical.” using actual musicians; it is now possible to produce realistic orchestral sounds on computer, making it less expensive than hiring musicians again; it is now common for smaller theaters to stage the show using recorded tracks, so I want to provide the tracks making it easy to stage. To record the tracks, I must purchase orchestral samples and a new computer that can handle the large RAM memory requirements of virtual instruments along with a Pro Tools software upgrade, as my old system can’t run it. The computer and software upgrades will cost about $3,000. After workshop revisions, I estimate it will take a year to record the entire 16 song demo album and at least 6 months to hire an orchestrator to help me complete the written instrumental score, which will cost another $2,000. The album will be completed before the score; once completed, we will be ready for Phase 3 and I will find a producer and a separate Kickstarter for the actual stage production and new cast album.

Total funds needed: $5,000.

Why should you help?
This project is very close to my heart as it deals with bullying. When I was in high school, I was chased down a flight of stairs and across a football field by several softball players and always wished I had had superpowers to protect me. Please help me fight bullying and help me put out some amazing music by donating towards the equipment I need to complete the score and record the demo album. A portion of the proceeds of the future premiere of the show will go to the kids charity “Kids In Distress.”


WILLIAM “EMRYS” HENRY THE THIRD: Nickname Emrys (pronounced "EM-ER-ISS"). Thin foreign exchange student, eccentric son of a British aristocrat, upper-class British accent, pale skin, dresses in goth clothes and black eyeliner.
Superhero/Villain secret identity: “Prince Whimsy.” Costume is a red frilly renaissance outfit, goth makeup, red and gold scepter, black mask, red gloves, royal red cape, a gold crown with 2” horns, royal red and black underwear over red lycra tights, red plastic knee pads, black knee-high boots. Dream sequence: Hairdo has lights, scepter lights up with a rotating hypnotic top end that looks like a barber shop spiral.

2 MARK STEINBERG: Tall, Jewish teenager, preppy shirt, Buddy Holly glasses, pocket protector, computer programmer gaming nerd, lives with uncle since his parents died, computer club president, hacker working on an augmented reality gaming platform and social network called "FaceNet."
Superhero secret identity: “Owl Man” (a.k.a. The Dork Knight). He talks with a deep hoarse voice and has karate fighting skills. Costume is a tight grey long sleeve lycra with a yellow owl insignia on the chest, grey head cap with owl ears, black mask, black gloves, yellow utility belt, black underwear with grey trim over black lycra tights, yellow plastic knee pads, black knee-high boots. Dream sequence: Black cape shaped like owl wings.

3 JIMMY WARD: Teenager, shorter than Mark, muscular, dark hair, Mark’s best friend and secret crush, high school gymnast, computer club member.
Superhero secret identity: “The Raven.” Owl Mans side-kick, acrobatic and fast. Costume is a tight powder blue long sleeve lycra with a black raven insignia outlined with yellow, yellow utility belt, black mask, blue underwear with yellow trim over blue lycra tights, blue plastic knee pads, black army boots. Dream sequence: Black cape shaped like raven wings.

4 GOSILLA WONG: (pronounced “GO-SIL-LA”). Asian teenage cheerleader, Japanese accent, slender, heavy eyeliner, ponytail, shorter than Mark. General Wongs daughter, physics whiz, computer club member, Brent’s girlfriend with a reputation for being easy. The mean kids call her Godzilla.
Superhero secret identity: “Tsunami.” Has the power to turn back time by twirling counterclockwise, Japanimation inspired costume with purple glitter cheerleader pleated skirt, white short sleeve lycra shirt with a purple spiral insignia, black mask, purple gloves, purple lycra tights, purple plastic knee pads, black knee-high boots. Dream sequence: Purple cape, cotton candy spiral hairdo.

Superheroes: The Musical - Coming Soon